Happy 39th Birthday, Dave!!

It's that time again for our annual online Happy Birthday Book for Dave! I wasn't sure how to celebrate this year and even considered just putting together a page with fan contributions only.

Then one fateful day in November, I had to purchase another birthday card for a friend. I paid for the card, went home, signed the card and that was that. Or so I thought. As I later gathered my receipts to enter into my checkbook, I came across - what I believe to be - a sign.

Actual Receipt:

"DG-Special Birthday" If that isn't a sign, I don't know what is....not to mention the price before the government stuck their hand out. $3.49. Take the 4 out and what do you have? That's right. 39.

It's just ridiculous (along with the price of this paricular card) that I would get a receipt with this type of reminder. I was sure that I had to step up and do some sort of birthday tribute to Dave as I have in the past.

I had a few ideas, but nothing too terrific for a 39th birthday. The last one before the BIG 4-0.

39. Dave is 39. Can you believe it? Can you believe all of the things that he has accomplished in that time? It boggles the mind! How can someone so young *cough* accomplish so many things?

Well that's when I knew. Something was up. Something was wrong with this picture. I got out my detective hat and magnifying glass.

Dave claims to have been born on January 14, 1969, but our crack team of investigators have found that he has been around much, much longer.

I have found a few photos throughout the decades that prove Dave is much older than he claims to be.

So here they are - I invite you to judge for yourself.