Happy Birthday Dave!

Teresa (and Stephanie, Emily and Zoe)


U rock man!! :D xoxo and an extra couple of xxxxx from my mum! lol Have a great day! keep rocking hard!

from beckz

HaPpY BiRtHdAy



Happy Birthday Dave! Keep on rocking.

Jaimie, Judy and Greg Contois.

my 3 month old son tommy and i were just watching one of the video channels, and he is not all that into whats going on on our big screen usually (being a baby and all), but he immediately turned his head, and didn't look away, watching very intently when the video for "best of you" came on...and even seemed moved at the points where i felt moved....the foo's reach out even to 3 month olds....that's an important rock band with some serious emotional impact. very un-common.

chuck foley

Happy Birthday Dave !!! ,

keep up the good work
and it IS really good work
if I don't had exams i would be on the concert in Brussels..
Rieko from Belgium

Happy birthday Dave

hope its a good one.

Jay Logana

Happy Birthday Dave.
Hope you have a great day.
My little girls 6th birthday is on the 19th and it's amazing how simular your personalities are.
She's so funny and a big Foo fan too. She has excellent taste.
Came to see you at Manchester. Amazing thank you!!!!
Love you loads and hope to see you again very soon.
Chezzie XXXXX
Have a great B-day Dave!

you're the best, and keep up the good music!

luv, meghan


I hope you have a Fantastic birthday, and it is one to remember. You give
us awesome music and all I can do is Wish you a Happy Birthday. Have a great day.

Love, Mel xx xD

Happy 37th Birthday Dave!
Love, Elka

Hi Dave!


The years pass but you are more magnificient and handsome every time! I hope that you have a lot of fun in this special day! I will be thinking of you (like all the days!) because I LOVE YOU too much!! The best wishes for you! I LoVe You, I LoVe You, I LoVe
You!!! Lots of kisses! And i hope that you come to Spain soon! I LOVE

Rebecca Azulay
e: Rebecca Azulay

Happy Birthday!!!

Alles Gute Zum Geburtstag!!!

Bon Anniversaire!!!

greetings from Austria/Vienna,

Hey there!

Have a f***ing awesome bday dave! Woo what a legend eh?!

You and the guys have done a sh*tload of hard work over the years! well done and
for gods sake! dont stop now!!!

Your gigs are awesome! Clearly some of the best!

Alex Burgwin

Dearest Dave,
Wishing you a fantasticle birthday for the 14th old man! Have an awesome one. Best wishes from all your fans in Adelaide, Australia xoxoxoxo
P.S. we're holding you to your promise... come back soon!!!



Happy Birthday, you guys rock!!!!!!!

You are such an inspiration, in case you didn't already know that :)

You kick ass in concert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Best Wishes, Party Hard

Keely & Madison

Portland Oregon (home of the best strip clubs, and we are most recognizable on cops)

nice pigtails, we'd like to see them again

dear dave

happy birthday brosky

keep rockin'

- alex h.


I know it's a liitle early, but here's a BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!! I love you Dave! I wish you the best my friend!

Peace, love, and happiness.

From a good fan,

Tim R.


Happy b-day. Best Wishes on you special day. Rock on!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Happy 37th, Dave!! Enjoy the European tour and life in your upper 30’s (I’m 38 and it’s not so bad)

Mary Beth Osborne


Hope you have a great birthday and have a fantabulous year being 37.
That's about it really...I can't really tell ya how much the Foos rock because everybody knows it, 2005 proved that.Here's to continued health, success,good music and ehh...Guinness

Lots of Love,
Nicole from Ireland

HI! The names Martin, Im from Norway and Im a great fan of yours, especially after the quart festival.You and your band has been a great inspiration to me, I actually began to play the guitar because of you and Im getting quite good. I cannot thank you enough for all the excellent music youve made so far, lord knows its gotten me through some f*****g boring math studies. Keep
up the splendid work and best of wishes to you.

Have a happy and magical


hey dave

i wish u all the best in ur life.. i hope u have a nice birthday, and some time for chilling next ur tour.
thank u for ur wonderfull rock. i love it!!!! and thanks to foo fighters!!

i'm happy to see ya soon in winterthur switzerland. i think u'll like the gig, because its near to st.gallen openair place. u know the best best event ever in switzerland..:-)

hope u playing music for a long time. and i'm looking forward for the next album..

see ya maybe somewhere

chears christof from switzerland

Happy birthday, Dave!!!

You are 37 years old from today, but I’m sure that you’re the coolest rocker in the world!!

Your songs always make me cheerful and happy.

I love your songs, your voice, your figure, and your whole life.

If I was a boy, I would be with you in your band.

And if we met earlier, we might marry?

Do you have a plan to play in Japan in the near future?

I know you came to the Fuji Rock Festival last summer, but it’s not a solo tour.

(And I missed the Festival...)

There are tons of fans of you here, please come to Japan again.

I’m waiting for you with Japanese hot SAKE! (You like this one, don’t you?)

Yoko from Japan ×××××××××××××××


Oh my God,now I'm going to do something scary!!:S
I'm gonna try to discrabe how much you mean to me!!
" I think I need a devil to help me get's things right "
And the problm is that the it's fucking hard to do that.
I don't think it is a word who can describe the feeling I have for you!! I love YOU and the Good Music YOU make. I love that thing YOU have done in your life!! YOU and your music gave me another Life......a better one!!<3 And I love that!! THANK YOU…..!!<3

And Happy Birthday Dave!!<3


In your honor
I would die tonight....!!

Greeting from Mari Ann 14 years old(Norway)

This is just to wish you a very happy birthday. I hope you have a good one.

Kerry x

Hey Dave

Congratulations for your birthdate , A bunch Free Tacos For You!
If you ever come down to Tijuana, give me a call
Happy Birthday and Happy New Year and i hope you eat well? Dont know what else to put so happy Fucking Birthday mr. Dave Eric Fuckin' Grohl.
BTW . hope you post in the message board soon.

Happy Birthday Sir David Eric Grohl.

And Happy Birthday me for the 15th *yay*

Mikey McClain




- and AMY (daughter) - THE SENSIBLE ONE. ALL THE BEST xxxxxxxx

So here we are, another year older. Seems like yesterday we were in our late 20's/early 30's and now, both of us hovering around the mid-30 mark. *sigh*

I do hope that your birthday is as fun as you wish it to be. This next year is full of hope and promise for more wonderful things to come...for all of us!


Mary (Medazed, otherwise known as me)
Hey ho....

wish you all the best for your future,family and your music.

I got birthday too on the 14th January. I play with my band in Madrid
this evening. "In your honor", we play "Best of you" for you !!!


Chris from Germany


Jay in Syracuse,NY

Wishing you Dave all the best for the coming year, Good health, good luck and most of all good friends. Cheers.


Joanne Van Gestel

Aussie Brat

Happy birthday Dave. :)

If I knew how to sketch or handle Photoshop I would have made some kind of
picture for you, but I can't so it will have to due with just a message. My conclusion of all interviews and stuff I've seen is that you are the funniest man alive.

Keep on doing what you do and just... live life, I suppose.

I hope you have a great day and I'll see you in Stockholm on the 4th of February.

// Tobias Lahti (or just Fooster)

Happy Birthday Dave!

I'm going to see your concert in Stockholm, 4th februari. Can't wait ^^

Happy birthday, man!

I hope you have a wonderful day and year. I love everything that you've done (musically), I love Foo Fighters and in my opinion you're the greatest drummer in rock'n'roll history! Keep on rockin'


Happy Birthday, Dave!!

From Melissa & Linda

@ Sweet Paramania.com

Dave Photos



Hope you have a killer day, have an abseenly amount of alcoholic beverages and wait for the cops to show-up!!!
Heres to you dave, have a good one!

iza x

p.s. The Crown Royal is in the mail buddy!