Hairstyles I think Dave should consider.......or...
Dave through the decades........
(extra special thanks to my friend and future brother-in-law (ha!) Kevin for helping me out with the photoshopping above)
1950s - The Elvis Haircut was all the rage....
1960s - Paul McCartney's Beatles MopTop
1970s - Farrah Fawcet-Majors
1980s - John Taylor/Bassist/Duran Duran
1990s - The Kosmo Kramer
An Anytime in History No-No - The Mullet
On second thought, I like you just like this........

Happy Birthday, Dave!

Here's hoping that the next year is filled with nothing but happiness for you and continued success! Can't wait for the new music.... can't wait for the new tour (I'll be first in line) and can't wait to (hopefully) meet up with you soon.

Much love and even more respect,

~Lisa from Sweet